Damilola Akinyera

Senior Pastor

The founder of the Gospel of Grace Outreach, Pastor Damilola Akinyera has been a devoted student of the word of God with a clear impactful teaching ministry that has led many to Christ and also attracted many to devote themselves to the study of the Bible. Since November 2011, Pastor Damilola Akinyera has been using every possible means to proclaim the Gospel of Grace to all who need to hear it especially by consistent teachings on social media concerning specific topics as it relates to the finished work of Christ. His deep teachings on the eternal forgiveness every believer has in Christ and the power of understanding God’s love attracted so many followers; who received answers to their heart-burning questions about God’s love in a world where condemnation and wrath are preached in many Christian circles. Many also received practical tangible testimonies simply by believing the Gospel of the Grace of Jesus Christ as they feed on the word of God via Pastor Dammy’s social media space. This Grace experience was the foundation upon which God inspired His servant to build an outreach where believers are adequately taught the truth of the Gospel radically and effectively. Hence, The GOSPEL OF
GRACE OUTREACH officially kicked off with a conference in Lagos state Nigeria on November 9th, 2013. Since then, GOGO has continually held Gospel conferences almost quarterly every year in different locations and states in Nigeria.

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