Before You Make That Vow…

Before You Make That Vow…

The very moment you make a ‘VOW’ to God…. IN ORDER to receive blessings from God… That is the very moment… You have just put yourself UNDER LAW!!! Hmm…

‘For as many as are under the WORKS OF THE LAW…are under the CURSE thereof…’ (Gal 3:10)

When you make a ‘vow’ in order to receive God’s blessings, …you put yourself under a platform in which you will be ‘cursed’ if you fail in fulfilling your part! Hmm… That is why the Bible says:

‘Better is it that thou SHOULDEST NOT vow, than that thou vow and pay not’ (Eccl. 5:5)

Now listen carefully: if you are a BELIEVER,…God does NOT need your vow in order to bless you!!!

‘He that spared not His own Son, but DELIVERED Him up for us all,…hmm…HOW SHALL HE NOT WITH HIM ALSO….FREELY….FREELY….FREELY….GIVE US ALL THINGS!!! (Romans 8:32)

Hmm…. The day you come to understand that God is not relying on your ‘efforts’ in order to bless you…..but all He desires to give you ALL things….is to proclaim the finished work of His Son….that is the day you begin to enjoy the full rewards of GRACE!

Listen: the fact that Hannah made a ‘vow’ does not mean you too should make a vow! Hannah lived under the dispensation of the LAW!What is true under the Old Covenant…might be…UNTRUE under the New covenant!

Under Law: God justifies you by your EFFORTS!

Under Grace: God justifies you by your BELIEVING in the finished work of Christ!

‘Now to him that worketh; his reward is not reckoned of GRACE…but of DEBTS’! (Romans 4:4)

Stop anchoring on any effort of yours in order to win God’s favour! You are not under Law but under Grace! (Romans 6:14) Perhaps the devil is whispering to you: ‘how would he say it is only by BELIEVING in what Jesus has done that makes you receive from God,….is Christianity that simple?….’

Hmm….I think this verse refers to you!!!

‘But I fear, lest by any means, as the SERPENT BEGUILED EVE through his subtilty,…so your minds should be corrupted from the SIMPLICITY that is in Christ’! (2Cor 11:3)

Christianity is characterized by SIMPLICITY!!! If your Christianity depends on ‘what to do’ instead of ‘what to believe’, then you are being BEGUILED by the serpent!

‘Christ is become of NO EFFECT in you…whosoever of you are JUSTIFIED by the LAW….you are FALLEN from GRACE’! (Gal 5:4)

If you are ‘justified’ by your ‘vows’…then Christ is become of NO EFFECT in you! One of my most favorite verses in the Bible is Romans 11:6. It is so clear!!!

‘And if by GRACE,…then is it NO MORE of WORKS: …otherwise…GRACE is no more GRACE. ….wow…..But if it be of WORKS, then is it NO MORE GRACE:…otherwise WORK is no more WORK’!!! (Romans 11:6)

Wow!!! People don’t want to acknowledge the Truth that we are no longer in the dispensation of ‘works’…but of ‘Grace’! Hmm….stop mixing works and Grace together! Just choose one! Otherwise, Grace is no longer Grace!!! In conclusion: Jesus said;

‘And these signs shall follow them that BELIEVE….’ (Mark 16:17)

Jesus did not say: ‘and these signs shall follow them that VOW….’! Hmm…. a believer does not do ‘righteous’ things IN ORDER TO be ‘righteous’! A believer does righteous things…BECAUSE….he is righteous! If you are a believer, you are already RIGHTEOUS before God through the finished work of Christ! (2Cor 5:21) It is not your vows that make you righteous! It is the finished work that MADE you righteous! (Rom 5:17) The more you believe this Truth, the more you will keep manifesting your sonship in Christ!

Listen: Those who choose to be justified by their ‘efforts’ …..will always end up JEALOUS and ENVIOUS…..of those who simply live by Faith under Grace!

That was why the elder brother of the prodigal son …was ENVIOUS of the prodigal son! Hmm….

‘…lo, these many years do I SERVE thee, ….neither TRANSGRESSED I at ANY TIME thy COMMANDMENT…and yet thou never gavest me a KID….but as soon as THIS THY SON was come, which hath devoured thy living with HARLOTS,…thou hast killed for him the FATTED CALF’!!! (Luke 15:29-30)

Wow!!! Believers under Grace…will always be ENVIED…by Believers under Law! That was why CAIN killed ABEL! (I’m sure you wanna know more on that)!


Remain ‘addictively’ under Grace!


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