Christ Our Passover Lamb

Christ Our Passover Lamb

The Bible refers to Jesus as: ‘…CHRIST OUR PASSOVER LAMB…’ (1Cor 5:7) But there is something very unique about the Passover lamb in the Old Testament that will help every believer appreciate Jesus as our PASSOVER LAMB. Please don’t miss this at all.

On the night the Israelites were commanded by God to kill a Lamb and put the blood on their door post and door sides in order to judge the Egyptians who had them as forceful captives, God said:

‘…When I see the blood, I will pass over you…’ (Exodus 12:13)

But there is a rule to the killing of this Passover lamb! The Bible says:

‘…and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it IN THE EVENING.’ (Exodus 12:6)

‘In the evening’… Many Bible commentaries had disputed over the original Hebrew version rendered for the phrase ‘…IN THE EVENING…’ in the verse quoted above. 2 Bible Scholars (Darby and Young) with the Bible translations namely: Darby Bible Translation and Young’s literal translation… helped us to see what the actual Hebrew rendering for the above is.

‘…and the whole congregation of the assembly of Israel shall kill it BETWEEN THE TWO EVENINGS.’ (Exo. 12:6)

The Passover lamb must be killed BETWEEN THE TWO EVENINGS. How on planet earth can there be TWO EVENINGS in one day? How do we reconcile this?

Now listen carefully: God knew what He meant when He said that the Passover Lamb must be killed between TWO EVENINGS. Although the Jews must have logically concluded on a time of the evening that could fit into the description,…BETWEEN TWO EVENINGS…, yet God still had a reason why He asked them to kill the Passover lamb BETWEEN TWO EVENINGS!

Now hear this: only one Lamb in history perfectly fit into this description! Do you know the Lamb?


Now follow carefully: While Jesus was on the cross, suffering rigorously for YOUR sins, the Bible says:

‘…When it was noon (12pm), DARKNESS CAME OVER THE WHOLE LAND until three in the afternoon (3pm)…’ (Mark 15:33)

Oh. Did you see that? There was three hours of darkness from 12 noon to 3 in the afternoon. While Jesus was on the cross! That was the FIRST EVENING FOR THAT DAY!!! Immediately after the darkness was over, Jesus gave up the ghost!!! (Mark 15:34) That is, the ‘Lamb’ had just been killed!

The day light was restored after the darkness and the day continued normally followed by the main evening for the day – which served as the SECOND EVENING FOR THE DAY!!! Hence, Jesus was the perfect Passover Lamb which must be killed BETWEEN TWO EVENINGS!!! Hallelujah.

Did you see the perfect plan of God in making sure Jesus fulfilled all the requirements to be our Perfect Sacrifice to take away our sins. Just as the Passover lamb enforced the freedom of the Israelites from the land of Egypt… Jesus our Perfect Passover Lamb, has enforced our freedom from Hell to Heaven, from Death to Life and from Law to GRACE. No wonder we have verses like this in the Bible:

‘…Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, AND HATH TRANSLATED US into the kingdom of his dear Son…’ (Col 1:13)

‘…He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but IS PASSED FROM DEATH UNTO LIFE…’ (John 5:24)

‘…for ye are no longer under LAW, but ye are under GRACE…’ (Romans 6:14)

All thanks to our Perfect Passover Lamb!


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