Do Not Shy Away From The Communion Table!

Do Not Shy Away From The Communion Table!

The fact that the Lord’s Table is referred to as ‘Holy Communion’…does NOT mean it is meant for HOLY people! Hmm… In fact, if you are think you are ‘HOLY’…then ‘Scripturally’ you are DISQUALIFIED from partaking from the Holy Communion!!! (Mark 2:15-17)

Funnily, the church has it the other way round! Only the ‘holy’ people are to partake of the communion! What a PARADOX!!!

Now listen carefully: The communion table is not for those who ‘think’ they are HOLY! Jesus NEVER categorized people before healing them! There is no place in the Bible where Jesus did not heal anybody because they were ‘sinners’!Hmm…

‘…and as MANY as touched (Him),…were made PERFECTLY whole’! (Matt 14:36)

Wow! ‘As many as touched Him’! The Bible did not say ‘…only those who were righteous in their character were made whole’! Hmm…. Jesus never categorizes people in order to bless or heal them! Jesus never told anybody who came to Him for healing: ‘Be it unto you…according to your Holy Habits’! NO!Instead, He says: ‘Be it unto you…according to your FAITH’! (Matt 9:29)

Now listen carefully: if you feel you are not worthy to partake of the communion table because you committed a sin….you are under the DECEPTION OF THE ENEMY! The communion table makes unholy people…HOLY!!!

‘He that EATETH Me….shall LIVE BY Me’! (John 6:57)

The devil knows that when you partake of the Holy Communion, you will be empowered by Jesus from within to begin to live righteously! Do not be IGNORANT of the devices of the devil! he is called the ‘ACCUSER’ of the brethren! (Rev 12:10). The work of an ‘accuser’ is to make you always feel GUILTY! Hmm… While the devil is called an ‘accuser’…..the Holy Spirit is called your ‘COMFORTER’!

Do not back away from the communion table because you sinned! When Jesus instituted the communion table, He said:

‘This is the cup of the New Testament…shed for the REMISSION of sins’! (Matt 26:28)

Jesus did not say: This is my blood….shed for the REMEMBRANCE of sins!

It is for the ‘remission’ and not the ‘remembrance’ of sins! Listen: there is NOBODY that is ‘worthy’ to partake of the communion table! Not even your pastor!  ‘If thou LORD, shouldest mark iniquities, O Lord, WHO SHALL STAND’? (Ps 130:3)

I’m sure you know the answer to the question above! We all come to the table….as people who are JUSTIFIED by the blood of Jesus! But you may ask: …the Bible says he that partakes ‘UNWORTHILY, eats and drinks damnation to himself…’ (1cor 11:29)

Listen: the Bible did not say if an UNWORTHY man partakes, he drinks damnation to himself’! NO!It is if he partakes ‘UNWORTHILY’ (or better put…in an unworthy manner) that he drinks damnation to himself!Partaking ‘unworthily’ refers to taking the communion without DISCERNING THE LORD’s BODY! (1Cor 11:29)Hmm….Discerning the Lord’s body means to RECOGNIZE the spiritual implication of the flesh and blood of Jesus to you!

Now listen carefully: As long as you see the bread as the body of Jesus scourged for your healing and the cup as the blood of Jesus shed for your FORGIVENESS of sins…. Then you are partaking of the Table …WORTHILY!Hmm….Therefore do not allow the devil rob you of your Glorious inheritance in Christ Jesus!When you partake of the Lord’s table, you are eating ‘JESUS’ into your system!!!

Listen: Jesus is not your ‘AUDITOR’! Jesus is your ‘SAVIOUR’! He is not entering into your system….in order to search for your ‘sins’!When you eat ‘HIM’,….He goes into action…..and swallow up everything that does not give GLORY to God in your life!

Just as Moses’ serpent swallowed up the magician’s serpents, the communion goes into you and activates the cleansing power of the Holy Ghost in you…to consume every chaff of ‘sinful habits’, ‘sicknesses’ and generational curses! (Matt 3:12)

Can you now see why the devil has deceived the church not to allow believers ‘freely’ partake of the Lord’s Table? Hmm….

In conclusion: the Communion Table is NOT meant for ‘perfect’ people! Jesus did not die for ‘PERFECT’ people!The Table is meant for ‘imperfect’ people!The Communion Table makes ‘imperfect’ people….’Perfect’!Hmm….

Therefore partake of the Table confidently…for as much as ye do this…ye PROCLAIM THE LORD’s DEATH till He comes’! (1Cor 11:26)




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