Grieve Not The Holy Spirit…

Grieve Not The Holy Spirit…

The Bible says:

‘And GRIEVE NOT the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD,…’ (Eph 4:30)

Hmm…. Many people read this verse so fast…and conclude that the Holy Spirit can LEAVE a believer when the believer acts wrongly! Ah!

Now listen carefully: if you are a BELIEVER, the Holy Spirit can NEVER leave you!

Yes, you heard me right! We keep finding it difficult to differentiate between the ‘Holy Spirit’ of the OLD TESTAMENT…and….the ‘Holy Spirit’ of the NEW TESTAMENT!!! They are DIFFERENT (in terms of how He ministers to the saints)!

The Holy Spirit of the Old Testament WILL leave a person whenever he commits some sins! (Judges 16:20, 1sam 16:14) This was why when David sinned, he earnestly prayed:

‘…take not THY HOLY SPIRIT from me…’ (Ps 51:10)

Hmm… But… The Holy Spirit of the New Testament DOES NOT leave a BELIEVER because of sins!!! (Heb 13:5) Hmm…

Now listen carefully: the Holy Spirit was never referred to as the ‘SPIRIT OF PROMISE’ in the Old Testament!

He was ‘present’ in the Old Testament…but…a ‘PROMISE’ in the New Testament!

‘…that Holy Spirit of PROMISE…’ (Eph 1:13)

Now listen carefully: the Holy Spirit is referred to as the ‘Spirit of Promise’ in order to assure the BELIEVER that He will NEVER leave nor forsake us!

It was Jesus who made the promise!

‘And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another COMFORTER, THAT HE MAY ABIDE WITH YOU FOREVER…! (John 14:16)

Wow! What a Promise! Hmm… Now let’s get back to the verse we took off from.


You see, if you read this verse only to this point…you will be easily DECEIVED by the devil to believe it simply means …’…do not ALLOW the Holy Spirit to LEAVE you…’! But that is not what it means! In fact, that verse still has a continuation! Let us see the verse in its full display!

‘And GRIEVE NOT the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, whereby ye are SEALED unto the DAY OF REDEMPTION’! (Eph 4:30)

Wow!!! Did you see that! Why do people take the first part…and…throw away the second part! The first part explains the possibility of GRIEVING the Holy Spirit……while…the second part quickly explains that even though the Holy Spirit is grieved…He will NEVER leave a BELIEVER…because…He has been SEALED by God to us…unto the Day of Redemption (second coming of Christ) according to the PROMISE of Christ!

Hmm… Let me ask you a question: is it possible for a wife to ‘grieve’ her husband? Hmm…I’m sure your answer is YES! But… Does it mean that the husband has DIVORCED the wife? Hmm….

Now listen carefully: the day you became born again, God MARRIED you! You became the BRIDE of Christ! you became ONE with God! (2Cor 11:2, Eph 5:25)

Even under Law: God said… ‘…I HATE DIVORCE (putting away)…’ (Mal 2:15-16)

Now many people do not divorce their spouses because they believe God said ‘He hates DIVORCE’! But funnily, they believe that this same God that hates ‘divorce’ …will DIVORCE them because they sinned!!! What a PARADOX!!! God married you…and He hates divorce! Do you get that?

Listen: you did NOT get the Holy spirit because you were living righteously!

Hmm… That is THE SAME REASON you cannot lose the Holy Spirit because you fell into sin!!! This was the very question Apostle Paul was asking the ‘foolish’ Galatian Church!

‘O FOOLISH GALATIANS,……this only would I learn of (or ask from) you,….did you receive the SPIRIT by the WORKS OF THE LAW….or….by the HEARING of Faith?…..are ye so FOOLISH?….’! (Gal 3:1-3)

Aba! What could make a holy Apostle Paul to refer to a church as ‘foolish’? It was simply because the Galatian church believed that …although they did not get the Holy spirit by their ability to live righteous…but…they also believe they must begin to live righteous…IN ORDER TO sustain the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives’!!!


Hmm… Let me conclude this post by letting you know that Jesus never said He was sending us a ‘CONDEMNER’! What He promised was a ‘COMFORTER’!!! How will your ‘Comforter’ leave you when you fall into a sin? That is the time you need His COMFORT most!!!

Now listen carefully: the reason you keep committing that sin is that you think the Holy spirit LEFT you the day you first committed that sin! If only you know He is right with you…asking you to allow Him take away those sinful desires from you…so that you won’t trash your GLORIOUS destiny in Christ on earth….Hmm…  To Grieve the Holy Spirit simply means…to suppress the Holy spirit from actively comforting you!Read the Amplified version of Ephesians 4:30…for better understanding!

Keep enjoying the Comforting ministry of the Holy Spirit!


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