Have You Lost Your Hunger For God?

Have You Lost Your Hunger For God?

Have you been wondering why your thirst for the word of God has seriously drained out? Probably there was a time you were ‘up’ day and night, studying the word…fervent in Bible personal devotion… Are you wondering why the zeal/hunger to do such spiritual exercise seems to have evaporated like moist exposed to a hot sunny day?

I think you might want to reconsider your perception about spiritual hunger and appetite. Many believers today think physical hunger and spiritual hunger works the same way. But actually, they are fundamentally different in operation.

Now listen carefully: when we are physically hungry, we eat and realize we are SATISFIED. But when we are spiritually hungry, we eat and realize we just got HUNGRIER! (If you don’t have such experience, then you might want to review what you feed on if truly it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ).

A Gracious spiritual meal gets a believer hungrier! You will discover that your appetite for God’s word has suddenly increased!

Now here comes the main point believers are so unaware about: When we are physically hungry and we miss a meal, we soon feel we are starving and CAN’T WAIT to eat the next meal! But this is not so in the spiritual. In fact, it’s just the opposite! When we lose our spiritual meal, WE LOSE OUR APPETITES!

Oh… This explains why so many believers are spiritually “word-drained”! They keep missing spiritual meals and expect their appetites to grow… thinking since hunger stimulates appetite in the physical, then missing a meal should boost appetite in the spiritual. Error 101.

Spiritual appetite deteriorates, when spiritual meals are missed! In the physical, discipline is needed to control gluttony! But in the spiritual, discipline is needed to become a glutton!

I strongly believe that when we get this perception right concerning how spiritual hunger operates in the opposite compared to physical hunger… God supplies Grace in our lives for the discipline required not to miss our spiritual meals.

Here’s the summary of a spiritual diet: Take a meal… get hungrier! Miss a meal… lose appetite!

Therefore, endeavour by God’s Grace not to make a habit of missing spiritual meals. And watch your spiritual appetites grow powerfully.


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