How does the devil ‘REVIVE’ sin in the church?

How does the devil ‘REVIVE’ sin in the church?

How does the devil ‘REVIVE’ sin in the church? Hmm…. Could it be by making the preacher start teaching on ‘GRACE’ radically (as many people think)? Hmm…. I guess I would prefer an ‘answer’ from the Bible!

Romans 7:9….

‘For I was Alive…WITHOUT THE LAW once…But when the …LAW…came, …SIN REVIVED….and I died’!

Oh! Can you now see why SIN is CONTINUALLY REVIVED in the church? Hmm…

Now listen carefully: the teaching of GRACE does NOT produce a license to sin!!! No!Instead, it is the LAW that UNCONSCIOUSLY produces a license to sin!

‘….the STRENGTH of sin is the LAW’! (1cor 15:56)

Listen: as long as you are under Law,…you will keep finding yourself in the ‘cycle of sin’! But the devil disguises and makes it look to the church as though Grace is a ‘false’ doctrine!But the Bible states it clearly:

‘For sin shall NOT have dominion over you; for ye are NOT under LAW…but…under GRACE’! (Romans 6:14)

Now I guess you have seen plainly that sin only has dominion over a believer who is under LAW! Now listen carefully: A teaching on GRACE in which the preacher could not explain that you are NOT under LAW…is NOT yet a teaching on GRACE!

Until GRACE is taught ‘radically’…people’s life would not be TRANSFORMED radically! Therefore stop REVIVING sin in your life by your ignorant ‘addiction’ to the LAW! Stick to GRACE….and you will end GREAT in God’s hand!

Indeed, GRACE revivals are GREAT revivals!!!



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