How We Think Vs. How Jesus Thinks

How We Think Vs. How Jesus Thinks

First, How we think…

If someone has a minor health challenge… (example ‘runny nose’ or slight cough)… We think the person should simply have ‘faith’ and confess that he is healed. But if someone has cancer or HIV, etc…We think of… ‘call the bishop’, take the person to a prayer mountain, 30 days prayer and fasting, 7 ‘night’ vigils, sow a ‘mighty’ seed, etc…

We tend to think ‘more effort’ is needed to solve the greater challenges compared to the lesser challenges… We feel…the BIGGER the problem, the HARDER it is for God to resolve! Hmm…

BUT SEE HOW JESUS THINKS… There were 4000 men who were very hungry and needed a miracle of food provision…

‘…And Jesus saith unto them, How many loaves have ye? And they said, SEVEN, and a few little fishes…’ (Matt 15:34)

And Jesus performed a multiplication miracle of 7 loaves ratio 4000 people. BUT… There was another time when there were 5000 hungry men who must be fed! Now our human thinking will suggest that if it takes 7 loaves to feed 4000 men…then we should be needing MORE THAN 7 loaves to feed 5000 men!

‘…Andrew saith unto him…There is a lad here, which hath FIVE BARLEY LOAVES, and two small fishes…’ (John 6:9)

Jesus did not say: ‘…Andrew, you should know that won’t work…if it took 7 loaves for 4000men…this one is a greater challenge…we will need more than 7 loaves to feed 5000men…’

When he multiplied 7 loaves….He had 7 BASKETS left…(Matt 15:37) But when He multiplied 5 loaves… He had 12 BASKETS left! (John 6:13) What have you noticed? The BIGGER the problem, the EASIER it is FOR God! That is Heaven’s mentality!

When Gideon was to go for war against an ‘UNCOUNTABLE’ number of enemies…It was humanly logical for Gideon to go with an UNCOUNTABLE number of soldiers…So Gideon took 32,000 soldiers! What was God’s response?

‘…And the LORD said unto Gideon, The people that are with thee ARE TOO MANY for me to give the Midianites into their hands…’ (Judges 7:2)

I love Heaven’s mentality! Guess what Gideon did? He reduced the soldiers to 10,000 men! Wow…Lovely, right?But… What was God’s response?

‘…And the LORD said unto Gideon, The people ARE YET TOO MANY…’ (Judges 7:4)

That is my God for you! So how many soldiers did Gideon eventually go with? ‘…And the LORD said unto Gideon, BY THE THREE HUNDRED MEN… will I save you, and deliver the Midianites into thine hand…’ (Judges 7:7)

Wow! What a Gracious God! How did the ‘three hundred men’ defeat the Midianites? Simply by blowing ‘trumpets’!

‘…And the three hundred BLEW THE TRUMPETS, and the LORD set every man’s sword against his fellow…’ (Judges 7:22)

That’s JESUS for you! The GREATER the challenge, the EASIER the solution!Hallelujah! By now I believe your mentality is already changing and aligning with Heaven’s mentality! Can I quickly add one more scenario?

7 disciples were trying to pull out a NET LOAD of fishes from the water to the land but the Bible says: ‘…they were NOT ABLE TO DRAW IT for the multitude of fishes…’ (John 21:6)A great challenge, right? But one of the seven disciples (Peter) saw Jesus at the river bank, AND RAN to Jesus! Listen, when you run to Jesus, you have invoked a supernatural dimension of Grace! Then Jesus told Peter, go and bring of the fishes!

Follow carefully: ‘…Simon Peter went up, and DREW THE NET TO LAND full of great fishes, … and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken…’ (John 21:11) What 7 men could not draw…Just ONE man (who ran to GRACE) drew to land!

Indeed, when it comes to Jesus…The GREATER the challenge, the EASIER the solution !Hallelujah! Are you experiencing any ‘BIG’ challenge presently? A severe sickness? A financial challenge? A family problem? Whatever it is! Hand them over to Jesus! Even if the challenge came because of your mistakes or disobedience in times pasts…. RUN to this Gracious Jesus! His Grace can handle your ‘mistakes’ too! (Romans 4:25)Hand them over to Jesus!

‘…Casting ALL your care upon him; FOR HE CARETH FOR YOU…’ (1Peter 5:7)

See the challenge as little to Jesus! Say to Jesus: this is NOTHING to You!And I thank You for You are bringing a testimony out of this! Wow! You will see His Grace at work for you! Praise Him, delight yourself in Him, meditate on His Super abounding Grace and unmerited favour for you!

‘…And the peace of God, WHICH PASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus…’ (Phil 4:7)

Glory to Jesus! Remain under Grace. Amen.

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