If Any Man Preaches Another Gospel…

If Any Man Preaches Another Gospel…

Have you noticed that most of the people who claim to die, go to heaven, go to hell, and come back to life…never come back to say that… many people will not make it to heaven because… THEY REFUSE TO BELIEVE IN JESUS!!!

Hmm… Instead, what you hear is that they said… many people will not make it to heaven because… ladies put on trousers… or… they do braided hairs… or they wear earrings… or they do ‘make-up’ etc.

What a PARADOX!!! (Gal 2:21)

Now listen carefully: NO WHERE in the BIBLE was it written that ANYBODY will miss heaven BECAUSE of what he ‘wears’!!! NO WHERE!!! I wonder why many people have more faith in the words of men…..that in the words of the Scriptures! The Bible only gave ONE criteria to making it to heaven! ONLY ONE!!!

‘If thou shall confess with your MOUTH the LORD JESUS….and shall BELIEVE in your heart that GOD has raised Him from the dead…..THOU SHALL BE SAVED’!!! (Romans 10:9)

Is that verse not clear enough? Hmm…. Many believers prefer that the verse read this way:

‘That if thou shall stop wearing trousers….and earrings….but shall commit thyself to the fulfilling of the Ten Commandments…..thou shall be saved’!

Hmm…. The Bible says it CLEARLY:

‘Therefore by the DEEDS of the Law there shall NO FLESH BE JUSTIFIED IN GOD’s SIGHT’! (Romans 3:20)

Is that not clear enough? Nobody… I repeat… Nobody… will enter heaven …based on what he DID or DID NOT DO!

‘If thou LORD shouldest MARK iniquities….O LORD….who shall STAND’!!! (Ps 130:3)

Not even those who claim to be under Law can STAND!!! That is why Jesus came as OUR SAVIOUR… ‘that WHOSOEVER BELIEVETH IN HIM (not fulfilleth the law but believeth) …shall NOT perish…but have EVERLASTING LIFE’! (John 3:16)

Hmm… Now listen carefully: it is the devil that always make it look as if the Gospel is too simple to be true!!! The devil whispers this kind of thoughts into the hearts of men:

‘How can you say….it is only by believing in Jesus that people will make heaven’…..’Do you think the Christian life is that simple’?

Hmm… Anytime you think this way, then know that the DEVIL is already playing on your mind so as to push you into a state where he would be able to deal with you! That was what he did to Eve! Hmm…. Paul said:

‘But I fear…lest by any means…as the serpent beguiled Eve….through his subtlety….that your minds should be corrupted from the…SIMPLICITY…that is in Christ Jesus’! (2cor 11:3)

Hmm… How did the serpent beguile Eve?

‘Has God made it so simple that you will have dominion over every creature…simply by partaking of the Tree of Life and other trees in this garden’? …are you sure God did not put a ban on ALL the trees of the garden?…..Hmm….don’t you know you must partake of the Tree of KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL (law)….if you must be like God’!!!

Hmm… I just paraphrased the serpent’s statement in Genesis 3:1-5. The devil made Eve have ANOTHER perspective about God! Hmm….’God can’t be this GRACIOUS…’!!! That was the beginning of the fall of Eve! In fact, what the devil said was this:

‘Has God said…ye shall NOT eat of EVERY tree of the Garden’! (Gen 3:1)

Hmm….take a look at that question again! The devil was playing on the mind of Eve to believe God actually RESTRICTED them from EVERY tree of the Garden!  What God actually said was this:

‘…of EVERY tree of the Garden…thou mayest FREELY eat’!!! (Gen 2:16)

Can you see how the devil deceives believers?

In conclusion: Never allow the devil deceive you to believe ANYBODY….simply because they said they went to heaven and came back to life!!!

Listen carefully: No believer is under ANY obligation to believe anybody that does not glorify the finished work of Christ! (1Thess 5:21) Paul said to the Galatian Church:

‘I marvel that ye are so soon REMOVED from Him (God) that called you into the GRACE OF CHRIST….unto another gospel! (Galatians 1:6)

Did you see that? Hmm… Lattentively: ANY GOSPEL that does not make you see the GRACE of Christ which is what brought your eternal salvation (Eph 2:8-9) …but that tells you that you must DO THIS…or DO THAT….in order to enter heaven….is classified as ‘another gospel’! Hmm….now see what Paul said 2 verses later:

‘But though we (including himself), or an ANGEL FROM HEAVEN, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be ACCURSED’! (Gal 2:8)

Did you see that! Listen: even if an ANGEL from Heaven…. or someone went to heaven and came back… only to tell you that your salvation is not based on GRACE alone… let that angel or that person be ACCURSED!

Hmm…. Paul did not take this matter lightly at all! In fact, he repeated this statement again:

‘As we said before, so say I now again, if any man (no matter who the man is)…preach any other gospel unto you….than that ye have received….let him be accursed’! (Gal 1:9)

Hmm…. You might want to ask: ‘what then was the Gospel that Paul preached’? Hmm… Acts 13:39…

‘And by HIM (Jesus)…all that BELIEVE (not all that fulfil the law) …are Justified from ALL THINGS (not ‘some things’) from which ye could NOT be justified by the Law of Moses’!

Hmm….hope you can see the Law of Moses mentioned in that verse! Hmm…. Therefore, I put it straight to you: that if ANYBODY pick out a law from the Law of Moses and uses that as a YARDSTICK to qualify those who will or will not enter Heaven…



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