Jesus Our Light

Jesus Our Light

Have you ever wondered why Jesus love to refer to Himself as …THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD? There are only two places in the Scriptures where Jesus declared plainly:..I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD…; and every time He makes this declaration, He was trying to pass across something very important.

The first time Jesus made this statement was in John 8:12…

‘….then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD…’! (John 8:12)

You see, whenever you read the Bible, trust the Holy Spirit to help you see why Jesus makes some profound statements. Also trust the Holy Ghost to help you understand the CONTEXT of every passage.

Hear this: Jesus always referred to Himself as the LIGHT OF THE WORLD….whenever someone expects Him to condemn a ‘sinner’!!!

In John 8 (where we just quoted the statement of Jesus in vs. 12), the pharisees brought a woman caught in adultery to Jesus…to see if He would judge the woman as GUILTY….and then CONDEMN her! (vs. 3-6). But Jesus would not do that! Instead He said to the woman: …NEITHER DO I CONDEMN THEE!!!…and also established her to GO AND SIN NO MORE! (John 8:11) This is GRACE in action. The LIGHT OF THE WORLD does not condemn you! Instead He solves the problem battling you! This was what led Jesus to declare in the next verse…vs. 12….I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! I hope that was clear.

Now let us see the second place in the Bible where Jesus referred to Himself as the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. It was in the ‘next chapter’ after He just said it on behalf of the woman caught in adultery. That is, John chapter 9. Follow attentively. Jesus was passing by a place and He saw a man who was BLIND from birth! (vs. 1). Now see the question His disciples asked Him!

‘Master, who did SIN, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind? (John 9:2)

Can you see that the issue of SIN has been introduced into this matter. They expected Jesus to ‘expose’ the sinner in this matter. What marvelled me was that they were even asking Jesus if it was the ‘blind man’ that SINNED…that made him to be BORN blind!!! Can you imagine? When did he sin…that would have made him to be ‘born’ blind? Was it in the womb of his mother?

The problem is that we are so ‘sin conscious’ that we think demonic oppression always come on people because of their sins. No. We are in a ‘fallen’ world. Negative things happen BECAUSE of what Adam did!!! From the beginning…it was not so!!! That was why JESUS came to offset the consequences of what the first Adam did! (Romans 5:19)


I love the response of Jesus to His disciples: ‘…NEITHER HATH THIS MAN SINNED, nor HIS PARENT’! Wow. It is rare to see a ‘prophet’ today that won’t link negative situations to the sins of the victim! But Jesus is a Saviour Like No Other. He would rather TAKE THE BLAME, so that you won’t have to FACE THE SHAME! No wonder Jesus continued by saying:

‘…but that the works of God should be made MANIFEST in him! (vs. 3)

This answer is just so amazing. Do you know what Jesus was saying? He was simply saying: I DON’T SEE THE SINS OF A SINNER!!! I SIMPLY HEAL THE MATTER! Put the BLAME on Me, and I will put the GRACE on you!

Hallelujah. This was what led Jesus to make a profound statement in vs. 5:

‘…as long as I am in the world, I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!!! (John 9:5)

The LIGHT OF THE WORLD does not EXPOSE your sins. The LIGHT OF THE WORLD simply shines on you HIS OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS…which eventually BRINGS HEALING TO WHATEVER CHALLENGE YOU ARE GOING THROUGH!!! (1Peter 2:24) It was after Jesus made this statement that He went ahead and healed this man of his blindness. Glory!

God is not behind any negative situation you are going through. God is the solution. Never allow the devil deceive you that Jesus would not hear your prayers because of the sins you committed. The LIGHT OF THE WORLD does not take your sins into record. He will answer your prayers Graciously. And establish you to have dominion over that sin! (Romans 6:14)

Whenever you are sensing a distance from God due to an ‘error’ you committed,…..say this sincere prayer;…LIGHT OF THE WORLD, SHINE ON ME!!! Wow. He will shine on you, heal you and also empower you to live above that error always. That is what GRACE does. I hope you had a nice time studying the book of John 8 and 9 with me. Hallelujah.

Never forget this statement: The LIGHT OF THE WORLD does not EXPOSE your sins! The LIGHT OF THE WORLD simply shines on you HIS OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS…which eventually BRINGS HEALING TO WHATEVER CHALLENGE YOU ARE GOING THROUGH!!! (1peter 2:24) Put the BLAME on Him, and He will shine His GRACE on you.

I declare His Light of Righteousness shining on you. Remain under Grace.


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