Learn This About Advanced Forgiveness!

Learn This About Advanced Forgiveness!

While teaching on forgiveness, a pastor once taught the congregation that he practices ADVANCED FORGIVENESS!  Hmm… ADVANCED FORGIVENESS is a divine ’empowerment’ to forgive others their errors even BEFORE they offend you! Wow!

Indeed…I know this is really possible because by God’s Grace, I practise ‘advanced forgiveness’ too!  In fact, Jesus commanded us to practise ‘advanced forgiveness’! Hmm….

‘Then came Peter to Jesus, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Till seven times?….Jesus saith unto him,…..I say not unto thee, until seven times: but, UNTIL SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN’! (Matt 18:21-22)

Before we go on, let me expound a little on what Jesus meant by ‘seventy times seven’! When I was younger, I used to think Jesus meant we should forgive 490 times before taking action! So, I count the number of times a friend offends me…in order not to break the Law! Lol….

According to Biblical numerics, the number seven signifies ‘rest and perfection’! (Genesis 2:2-3) So, when Jesus says ‘seventy times time’….it refers to a ‘PERFECTLY PERFECT’ attitude of forgiveness! It means…NEVER TAKE OFFENCE!!! Wow! It is really a great attitude every believer should put on. Hmm….

Now let’s go on. One day, while meditating on GRACE, Jesus filled my heart with an overwhelming truth. So, I shared it with one of my close friends but in a questioning format. Now follow the conversation carefully:

ME: Have you ever learnt about ‘advanced forgiveness’?

FRIEND: Sure! We were taught in church.

ME: Did you believe the pastor when he said he practises ‘advanced forgiveness’?

FRIEND: Yes! Very well!

ME: But why?

FRIEND: …Well, because I know he must have been ‘engraced’ of God to do that!


ME: Now, who gave him that grace for ‘advanced forgiveness’?

FRIEND: …Definitely, God!

ME: …and you believe God gave him that grace?

FRIEND: yes!


Me: …Now, if you could believe that a human being could forgive future sins…why then is it difficult for you to believe that GOD has already forgiven you of your FUTURE sins!

Oh! Oh! He was ‘super-marvelled’! He couldn’t answer that question! Hmm…

Now listen carefully: under Law, God says He will REMEMBER your sins and iniquities even to your FOURTH generation! (Exo 34:7)

But under Grace, God says: your SINS and INIQUITIES….HE WILL REMEMBER NO MORE! (Heb 8:12)

We seem to have more faith in our pastor’s ability to forgive…than in God’s ability to forgive!

Now listen carefully: if you are a believer, God practises ADVANCED FORGIVENESS with you! (Jer 31:3)

Hmm…. The day you understand this….is the day you will begin to love God uncontrollably! (Luke 7:47). I want you to imagine a marriage ceremony in which the bridegroom and bride are sharing marital vows! They get to a point where they promise to be with each other …’For BETTER, for WORSE’! Wow! What does that imply? ADVANCED FORGIVENESS!!! A marital relationship can only work out when the couple commit themselves to ALWAYS forgive themselves in advance!

Now listen carefully… the day you became Born Again, Christ became your BRIDEGROOM while you became the BRIDE!!! (2cor 11:2)

Hear this: Jesus ALWAYS practices ADVANCED FORGIVENESS with His BRIDE!!!

‘For God commendeth His love towards us in that …WHILE….we were yet SINNERS ….Christ died for us’! (Romans 5:8)

God’s love was COMMENDED towards you WHILE (not after) you were a SINNER! What does that imply? ADVANCE FORGIVENESS! Hmm…. Do you know why Paul by the Holy Spirit said:

‘Husbands love your wives….AS CHRIST LOVES THE CHURCH’! (Eph 5:25)

Hmm…. It is because Paul knows Christ can NEVER divorce His bride! It is an ETERNAL commitment! It is called ADVANCED FORGIVENESS!!!

Listen: when you focus on God’s eternal love for you, you will have no other option but to love Him in return!

‘We love Him, because He first LOVED us’! (1john 4:19)


Never forget: God’s love was COMMENDED towards you WHILE (not after) you were a SINNER!

Christ can NEVER divorce His Bride!

Remain in His love.


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