Lord, Increase Our Faith!

Lord, Increase Our Faith!

Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough faith to make your dreams come through? Have you ever been told that the reason you didn’t get that miracle from God was that you didn’t have enough faith? Do you think you need more faith to get your testimonies? Hmmm….

The disciples once said to Jesus: ‘INCREASE OUR FAITH’! (Luke 17:5)

Hmm…I would have thought Jesus would say; ‘pray five hours a day, fast twice a week, and read the bible for an hour daily’! Hmm… What was Jesus’ response? Read vs 6…

‘If ye had faith as a GRAIN OF MUSTARD SEED (very small in size)…you might SAY unto this sycamore tree (one of the thickest trees of nature), Be thou plucked up by the root and be thou planted in the sea, and it would OBEY you’!

Oh! They asked for an INCREASED faith… but Jesus replied with an illustration of a faith as SMALL as a mustard seed! What was Jesus trying to put across?

Now listen carefully: at salvation, God gave you ‘…the measure of faith’! (Rom 12:3)

This measure of faith is enough to move ANY mountain out of your life! Your problem is not a ‘lack’ of faith! If you are a believer, you have FAITH! It is not your responsibility to get faith! Faith is a product of resting in the finished work of the CROSS!

Faith does not come by ‘doing’. Faith comes by ‘hearing’! (Rom 10:17) Faith does not come by ‘hearing’ what to DO! Faith comes by ‘hearing’ what Jesus has ‘DONE’! (Rom 10:9-17, 4:14). Hmm…

FAITH is not a feeling! Faith is a substance! (Heb 11:1). Therefore, the problem is not that you don’t have faith! The problem is the ‘ignorance’ that you HAVE faith!

Faith does not mean you have no fears! No! It does not mean that you are not afraid! You can be afraid and yet have faith! Hmm…. The presence of FEAR does not connote the absence of FAITH! Fear does NOT drive FAITH away! Faith simply means that …even in the midst of fear, you are SURE that God will bless and favour you WITHOUT taking into record how much you are able to fulfil the LAW!!!  Wow!

This assurance will roll away your fears! (Ps 23:1,4, Isaiah 54:14)So, when the disciples asked for an INCREASE in faith, Jesus’ response can be paraphrased thus: ….

‘If you have faith as SMALL as a mustard seed…even if your problem is as THICK as a sycamore tree…it is what you SAY that really matters’!!!

Hmm… If you are afraid that the bus you are boarding will have an accident, SAY that you will not have an accident! …and guess what? You will NOT have an accident! It is not your fear that matters! It is what you SAY based on the ‘little’ measure of faith that you have in the finished work of Christ that matters!


Keep SAYING what Jesus has done for you! Keep declaring how much God loves you based on the finished work of Christ on the cross for you. And you will realize that it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to fail! Hallelujah!



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