On The Prodigal Son’s Elder Brother…

On The Prodigal Son’s Elder Brother…

Everybody is familiar with the parable of the prodigal son…but…only a few people know about the parable of the prodigal son’s ELDER brother!!! Hmm… Many people teach on the parable of the ‘prodigal son’ but have no clue what Jesus was actually revealing by sharing this parable.

This parable was actually a COMPARISON between 2 kinds of people! It is so funny that we are only prone to think that this parable was only an exposition on that prodigal guy!

Now listen carefully: Jesus was actually revealing the difference between a man under ‘Grace’ and a man under ‘Law’!

Hmm… Now let’s go to the scriptures to see this ‘comparison’. You remembered from my last update how the prodigal son came back home and his Father ran to meet him and threw a party for him! (Luke 15:20-24). Now the part 2 of this story commences from vs 25!

The Bible says:

‘Now his ELDER son was in the field: and as he came and drew nigh to the house, he heard music and dancing…’! (Luke 15:25)

Wow! This is so interesting! You are about to see a hidden mystery which many do not teach on at all! This is not a ‘separate’ parable! It is still under the so called ‘parable of the prodigal son’! Hmmn…When this ‘elder’ brother came, he called one of the servants and asked him what was going on. Then the servant said to him:

‘Thy brother is come; and thy Father hath killed the fatted calf, because he hath received him safe and sound’! (Vs 27)

Wow! What should be the reaction of the elder brother to this news about his lost brother who had just been found? Now see what the next verse says:

‘And he was ANGRY, and would not go in’!!! (Luke 15:28)

Oh! I hope you are following this exciting exposition! There must be something about this elder brother! Why should he be ‘angry’ at what was greatly delighting his Father’s heart!  Hmm… The Bible further stated that the Father had to come outside to meet him! (vs 28) Ah! This elder brother actually refused to ‘go inside’ the house to join the party! What was really bothering this ‘elder’ brother that could make his Father come out to ask him? Hmm….

Now, I’ll like you to pay close attention as we read the ELDER brother’s response to his Father!

‘And he answering said to his Father, Lo, these many years do I SERVE thee, neither TRANSGRESSED I at ANY time thy…COMMANDMENT (law):…and yet thou NEVER GAVEST me a KID (goat)…that I might make merry with my FRIENDS (not with the Father)….!!! (Vs 29)

Wow! Are you seeing this! It is so funny many teachers don’t teach about this guy!!! He is the one we should lay more emphasis on and not the prodigal son!!! This guy was seriously UNDER LAW! He was ‘serving’ God ‘perfectly’! He obeyed EVERY of God’s commandments! Hmm… But there was something wrong about this ‘elder’ brother! He was serving God IN ORDER to deserve God’s blessings!!!  Hmm…. You need to hear that again! This guy was trying to DESERVE what has been freely provided for him!

Now listen carefully: That is an attribute of a man who is under ‘LAW’! The Law makes you TRY to fulfil God’s commandments in order to make God reward you!

This guy was doing this in order to hear his Father say to him:

‘I can see your DOINGS….therefore take this KID and go and show-off to your FRIENDS that you are a ‘diligent worker’ in my house’!!!

Hmm…. Take a close look at the Father’s response to this ‘elder’ brother! I really love this response!

‘And the Father said unto him, Son, thou art ever with me, and ALL THAT I HAVE IS THINE!!! (vs 31)

Oh!!! Do you know what that statement means! The Father was simply telling this guy that he is only trying to deserve what has ALREADY been given to him! He is trying to qualify for what is already his heritage! This is a true picture of a man under LAW!!!

Now get this: many ‘Christians’ today are in the category of this elder brother! They are trying to DESERVE what Jesus has GRACIOUSLY provided for them by dying on the Cross!

Listen carefully: there is NOTHING that you cannot claim from the Father simply by ‘asking’!

I repeat, there is absolutely NOTHING you cannot claim just by asking! (Matt7:7) The reason is not far fetched!

‘…ALL THINGS ARE YOURS…’ (1Cor 3:21)

Hmm… Today… the church is fighting an army that is DEFEATED! Trying to finish a work that is COMPLETED! It is not until you pray 10hrs a day, serve God in all your service units in your church, pay 30 percent of your salary as tithe monthly, go out for street evangelism… that you qualify for God’s blessing!!! NO!

It is simply by BELIEVING that Jesus has ALREADY qualified you! Having this knowledge will make you want to serve God as an APPRECIATION for what Jesus has done for you on the cross….and not serving God as a APPLICATION to qualify for God’s favour! Hmm….

Let me conclude this post by letting you know that when Jesus shared this parable, these 2 categories of people (the prodigal son and his ‘elder’ brother) were with him! In this same chapter (Luke 15), the first verse reads thus:

‘Then drew near unto him ALL the publicans and SINNERS for to hear him! (Luke 15:1)

This were the first category of people! They are the people under GRACE! They don’t qualify to be in the presence of Jesus but they were! They represent the ‘prodigal son’ in the parable later shared in the same chapter! Hmm….

Now let’s see the second category of people! I will like to refer to them as the ‘elder brother’ association! Let’s read verse two of Luke 15.

‘And the PHARISEES and SCRIBES….murmured, saying, This man (Jesus) RECEIVETH sinners, and EATETH with them!!!

Oh! Can you see this group of people? They are always against Jesus! …not because they hated Jesus… but because Jesus loves to QUALIFY the UNQUALIFIED……while they love to QUALIFY for what they already QUALIFY!!! This was what led Jesus to give three similar parables which are all making a difference between a ‘man under LAW’ and a ‘man under GRACE’!

The parables are the lost sheep (vs 4-7), the lost coin (vs 8-10) and then the prodigal son i.e. the lost child (vs 11-32). Hmm…

I hope you had a wonderful time going through the book of Luke 15 with me. Hallelujah!

Search through our sermon archives today for more teachings on God’s grace! Faith cometh by HEARING…and… HEARING… Saturate your atmosphere with the word of Grace…and see how Gracious happenings will keep occurring around you! Hallelujah!

Never forget these 3 statements….




Remain in His Grace.


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