Release Unto Us Barabbas! Crucify Jesus!

Release Unto Us Barabbas! Crucify Jesus!

I love to always remember the story of the crucifixion of my loving Saviour. Have you ever wondered why it was ‘Barabbas’ that was released in the place of Jesus? There were other culprits in the land! But why was it ‘Barabbas’ that was released? Hmm….

Now listen carefully: God had you in mind all through the trial and crucifixion of His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

All that happened in this event was not a coincidence! God was painting a picture of what actually happened to us when Jesus was to be crucified! Three major Truths are to be spotted in the crucifixion story.

First, we need to appreciate the truth that Jesus actually took the place of Barabbas in death! (Mark 15:15). Wow! The death of Jesus was actually a substitution process! No wonder the Bible says;

‘…Jesus…gave Himself for us…’ (Titus 2:14).

Jesus was NOT murdered!!! Jesus GAVE HIS LIFE for you! it was a substitution process in which the bloody sinner was replaced by a spotless saint! (2Cor 5:21) Hmm….

Second, we need to understand that Barabbas was declared guiltless (as though he never committed a sin) after Jesus took His place! That is exactly what Jesus did for us!Ever since His death, everyone who BELIEVES in Him are forever GUILTLESS before God….for His Son has already taken their place in death!This is the simple explanation for John 3:16:

…that whosoever BELIEVES in Him shall not perish!!!

Why? …simply because He took your place in sin, while you took His place in righteousness! (2Cor 5:21)

Let me show you another verse that will dissolve your doubt on this:

‘And by Him (Jesus), all that BELIEVE are justified from ALL THINGS from which ye could NOT be justified by the Law of Moses’! (Acts 13:39)


Thirdly, we need to understand what the name Barabbas really means. In the original Hebrew, ‘Bar-‘ means ‘son’… while ‘ABBA’ means ‘Father’! This means…SON OF THE FATHER! Hmmm…

God had something in mind here! He gave his only Son so that we can become legal SONS of the Father… and we can boldly call to God saying…Abba Father!!!

‘For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear…but ye received the Spirit of adoption…whereby ye cry…ABBA FATHER’! (Romans 8:15).

Hmm… Under Law, no one could boldly call God…’FATHER’! They simply referred to Him as God! This is because they carried a ‘slave’ mentality in which they are bound by the Law unto obedience in order to please God! That is what the above verse referred to as the ‘…spirit of bondage again to fear’! Hmm….

BUT when Jesus came, He always call God….’FATHER’!

Now listen: the only place in the Bible where Jesus referred to the Father as ‘God’…was on the cross…when God FORSOOK Him….for carrying all our sins!!!

He cried out …’my GOD, my GOD….why hast thou forsaken me’!!! (Matt 27:46).

Hmm… He cried out so loudly so that you too can cry out today saying: ABBA FATHER, ABBA FATHER…why hast thou SO MUCH BLESSED ME!!! (I just explained Rom 8:15 and Gal 4:6)

Hear this: the day you became a believer, you moved from being a SLAVE for God to become a SON of God! (Gal 4:7)

I love the way ‘John 1:12’ puts it;

‘as many as RECEIVED Him, to them gave He POWER to become the SONS OF GOD…even to them that BELIEVE ON HIS NAME’!!!

Praise God! Stop your ‘SIN-CONSCIOUSNESS’!

If you are a believer, you are not a sinner before God! Instead, embrace a ‘SON-CONSCIOUSNESS’ for you are justified to do the will of your Father Graciously! (Acts 13:39) Hallelujah!

Now let me conclude this post by letting you know that when Paul said:

‘the earnest expectation of creature waiteth for the manifestation of the SONS OF GOD… (Romans 8:19)

…he was referring to BELIEVERS under GRACE….who are not under Law!!! The very first verse of Romans 8 confirms this! The 15th verse also! That verse simply implies that …until we understand that we have been fully forgiven, we will NOT be able to manifest our Son-ship in this world!!!

You are the Barabbas Jesus died for! You are the Son of the Father! Sin can no longer hinder your manifestation! For whom God CALLS,…them He also JUSTIFIED (that means fully forgives),….and whom He justified,…them He also GLORIFIED!!! (I just quoted Romans 8:30)

Rise up today! Let your past remain as past tense! God is NOT judging you by your past! Receive His eternal love for you and GO and show the World the SON of whom YOU are!

BARABBAS HAS BEEN MADE FREE! BARABBAS can now MANIFEST as the SON OF THE FATHER!!! Christ did it all! Rejoice! Hallelujah!


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