Review of 3John 1

Review of 3John 1

by Pastor Ayo Sparks


3 John 1:1-4 Easy | This letter comes from me, the leader of the believers. I am writing to you, my friend Gaius. I love you because we obey God’s true message. My friend, I pray that God will help you to live well. I know that you are well in your spirit. I pray that your body will also be well. I was very happy when I heard news about you. Some Christian friends came here to tell me about you. They said that you are living in a good way. That is the way that God’s true message tells us to live. I am happy when I hear that my children are living like that. When they obey God’s true message, it makes me very happy.

There is no way we’d read the books of John and not feel goose bumps especially with the way he communicates not just his words but his heart. At the core of his heart is a deep seated love not just for the Lord but also for people. It is impossible to give what you don’t have. If you have not received much love then you can’t express much love. The level of the love you have accumulated is the level at which it will be administered.

The foundation of our love is God however, we should understand that the Christian Life is not based on storing up but rather on receiving to release. We receive love to release love… We receive forgiveness to release forgiveness…

The Apostle models this to us firsthand… We saw that love expressed to the Elect Lady and her kids and we see it here to Gaius and his kids too. It’s easier for us to Preach the too good to be true news about Christ to others when we model the heartbeat of Jesus. Jesus said…“by this shall all men know that you are my disciples when you love one another.

We also see in display the out workings of love…

…my friend, I pray that God will help you to live well. I know that you are well in your spirit…

Love cares…

It was love that prompted the verse that we now so claim for healing… We should ask ourselves of our disposition towards others especially other believers. When last did you check up on a believer friend to know how they are faring? When last did you pray a heartfelt prayer for a believer who’s not feeling fine? If we have truly embraced the gospel of Grace then we should be gracious with Grace… We should freely and lavishly reel out grace as we have freely received.


My friend, you do many things to help other believers. You help them even when they are strangers to you. This shows that you are serving God well. 3 John 1:5 EASY

This is one of our verses in our ministry this year… 2021 for us is a year Sponsored by the Spirit and one core reasons why the Spirit sponsors us is so that we’d sponsor the gospel. Those who are Gospel Sponsors prove that they serve God well. It’s an admonition to us as GoGolights that we continue to sponsor the gospel which indeed is the heartbeat of God. I call you blessed!

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