Review of Esther 4

Review of Esther 4

by Pastor Temilolu Oluwasijuwomi


I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

Sometimes the only option you have is to pray… but while you pray, prayerfully work out a plan, then step out in faith. When you pray, have confidence that God has answer, mostly by supplying boldness and courage to take the right steps or execute your plans.

In Nigeria of today, one may safely conclude that there is no safety of lives, given the incessant killing of our countrymen on the outskirts of states as well as within. It almost seems there is an unholy alliance between certain elements in the corridors of power and these blood sucking demons in human skin.

Similarly, in chapter 4 of the book of Esther, a genocide was imminent, and the Prime minister Haman had perfected the plan to wipe out the entire Jewish tribe scattered across the 127 provinces of the Persian empire, of which Israel was also part. The plans have been perfected but not without the knowledge of the one who …knows how to deliver the godly 2Pet 2:9


Pro21:31 the horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD

In the above verse, the fact that safety is of the Lord does not stop the believer from preparing the horse against the day of battle. Yes! Prepare the horses, prepare yourself, intelligently work out a plan, do research on the problem and ways to solve it. However, during your preparation do not let it escape your mind that it is God that will eventually make it successful.

Though they prayed at the instruction of Esther, she took steps of faith. Hence, while we pray, we must know when to begin to take steps of faith. In fact, the prayer was not just for God to deliver them, but that the step of faith to be taken be successful. Prayer is good, but believers must learn that, God will not necessarily come down to change anything. People will still be the ones to work out solutions to the problem, just that God makes the plans to fall in place for victory.

The queen had strategized, she had a plan already. Esther 4:16b So, the prayer she called for was not just vague. The prayer had a focus. It had a direction. For instance, while praying for safety in our country, there is need for the believers to begin to work on practical ways to clamp down on the plans of the enemies. These plans may include dialogues, negotiations, investigations etc. Prayers must not just be directionless. There must be a plan, there must be an intelligently laid down plan to combat the situation, which we trust God to help make successful. Not prayerfully planning has resulted in many lazy Christians who just pray and never engage their minds in any critical thinking to join God in working out their desires. God always engages men in the outworking of His plans, even if the input of man is minimal, man still definitely has a part to play or practical steps to take in the fulfillment of their desires. When we pray, lets listen for instructions, let our hears be open to directions. He will certainly respond with a way out. No matter what situation we find ourselves, do not be afraid, there is a way of escape that God has made. It is my prayer that in whatever crises may be looming, as we pray, the Lord will grant wisdom and courage to take the right steps FROM victory in Jesus name.

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