Review of Proverbs 1

Review of Proverbs 1

by Pastor Ayo Sparks

The Spirit of the Lord which is the blessing of the Lord is in you through Christ and so, you walk in greater dimensions of wisdom because greater than Solomon is in you, Jesus who has been wisdom unto you!

Get excited that even as you study and meditate on the Wisdom of Solomon, the Holy Spirit recalibrates your heart and mind helping you to walk in the wisdom that is already in you.

Proverbs contains a gold mine of biblical theology, reflecting themes of Scripture brought to the lever of practical righteousness, by addressing man’s ethical choices, calling into question how he thinks, lives and manages his daily life in light of divine truth. More specifically, Proverbs calls man to live as the Creator intended him to live when He made man.

The recurring promise of Proverbs is that generally the wise (those of righteousness who obey God) live longer, prosper, and experience joy and the goodness of God temporally, while fools suffer shame and death. On the other hand, it must be remembered that this general principle is balanced by the reality that the wicked sometimes prosper, though only temporarily.

LESSON 1: Wisdom teaches wisdom…

Proverbs 1:2-4 KJVA | To KNOW WISDOM and INSTRUCTION; to perceive the words of UNDERSTANDING; to receive the INSTRUCTION OF WISDOM, JUSTICE, and JUDGMENT, and EQUITY;  to give subtilty to the SIMPLE, to the young man knowledge and DISCRETION.

The word wisdom is used twice here… …to know wisdom and to receive instruction of wisdom. To know here refers to the verb yada in the Hebrew which means “to gain knowledge of” or “to become wise in”. It refers to an experiential knowledge, not just cognitive knowledge.

To the Hebrew mind, wisdom refers to skill that produces something of value. It talks about capabilities and craftsmanship but in full essence, it is the skill in living life so that something of lasting value is produced from one’s life.

It is God who has made you part of Christ Jesus. And Christ has BECOME FOR US WISDOM FROM GOD. He is the reason we are right with God and pure enough to be in his presence. Christ is the one who set us free from sin.

| 1 Corinthians 1:30 ERV

As believers, we automatically produce something of value – Righteousness, Sanctification and Redemption and it is because we have become wise in CHRIST… We have gained knowledge of CHRIST… WE “YADA” CHRIST.

Here’s what our reading of Proverbs will do for us: We can receive instructions of wisdom because Wisdom is a teacher, who engages in a process of schooling, that is, TRAINING via instructions…


As we read through Proverbs as believers, we’re called to remember the basics of godliness which is great gain. Why? The job the Holy Spirit is doing in us as believers supersedes the expression of what was in Solomon.

LESSON 2: Walking in Wisdom…

Proverbs 1:7 KJVA | The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge:  but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

This fear of the Lord is not a cowering, begging fear. It is the proper reverence that the creature owes to the Creator and that the redeemed owes to the Redeemer. It is the proper respect and honoring of God. God should be regarded with respect, reverence, and awe. This proper attitude of the creature toward the Creator is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom cannot advance further until this starting point is established. However, The word “reference” is etched in ACCEPTANCE.

The starting point of wisdom is IN RECIEVING the Lord. So, let’s substitute RECIEVING or ACCEPTANCE into that verse to see if it agrees to New Testament truths:

The accepting of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…

Christ who is made wisdom to you, made a dwelling place in you the moment to received and accepted him. You may now ask, if I already have wisdom, how do I walk in wisdom or rather, make it manifest in my life and dealings? Since you received wisdom when you received the Lord, you will also make wisdom manifest when you RECIEVE OF HIM – receive instructions, guidance and insights via the instrumentality of the Spirit. Would you neglect his nudgings? Would you despise his promptings? Or would you receive his nudgings and promptings by faith the same way you received him?

LESSON 3: Walls of Wisdom…

Proverbs 1:33 KJVA | But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.

From verses 20 to 32, we see that wisdom was calling out to men that they ACCEPT him… Knocking at the doors… Shouting on the streets… Those who reject will be destroyed and in anguish… Wisdom kept calling out, I am a safe place… I am a place of refuge… but those who receive will DWELL SAFELY… Another version says will be SECURED… A picture of ETERNAL SECURITY…

When you receive wisdom, you are secure…  When you receive Christ you are Eternally Secured. Hallelujah!

Say after me:

I have the wisdom of God

I walk in greater dimensions of wisdom

I express fruits of wisdom

Jesus has been made wisdom unto me, so I bask in the full benefits of wisdom…

I lead a godly life- I lead a life of lasting value



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