Review of Romans 4

— by Pastor Temilolu Oluwasijuwomi 

In the previous part, we concluded beyond doubt that everyone was Guilty as far as the Law was concerned. 

Verse 20 declares that since the verdict of the Law will be Guilty regardless of whatever is done: seeking Justification via that channel is absolutely futile.

Hence, the Law is a master at fishing out sin. No matter who you are. So if you don’t know sin or if you feel you have classically satisfied it’s demand. The law will certainly fish out your shortcomings. Starting with that pride of feeling that one has acquired some pass mark.

Because of the law’s insatiable demand from man, God had to provide a way of satisfying the demand of the law by a man. 

So that man will not be under the compulsion of fulfilling the law YET having a Conviction that He is justified as well as God having a legal ground to justify man in his sight. 

The SOLUTION was and still is CHRIST.

Christ had to become everything for man. So that where the Law once stood, Christ Jesus Now stands.

Jesus stands, not to condemn to eternal damnation like the Law but to Justify ALL WHO BELIEVE IN HIM to eternal life.

At the mount of transfiguration, The Law (Moses) and the Prophets (Elijah) witnessed the Righteousness of God (Jesus Christ our Lord) in His Glory.

The believer is thus justified because RIGHTEOUSNESS Himself dwells in the believer. When God however sees Christ in any man ,such a man is automatically Justified!!!

You will however notice that scarcely is the Law mentioned that the Works to be done is not amplified. 

But never is Faith mentioned that the finished Work of Christ is not amplified.

Law therefore tenders the Curriculum.

But Faith tenders the certificate.

Nonetheless, the believer may choose to operate from either platform to his or her detriment or merriment. Hmmmmm…

Glorify God tonight that in Christ you have been forever Justified free of charge by his Grace through the redemption in Christ Jesus!!!

Isn’t it interesting that Paul emphasises twice that you have been declared righteous for your past, present and future sins? Check this out

Vs 25  Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;

26 To declare, I say, at this time (present: my emphasis)  his righteousness: that he might be (future: my emphasis) just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.

Hallelujah!!! Praise Jesus the Author and the finisher of our Faith.

I hope you can see that, even though those who don’t diligently study scriptures stop and capitalize on past sins mentioned in vs 25. Claiming that the propitiation for our sins only covers past sins and present sins but not future sin. It is clear in scriptures that God made adequate provision for the remission of our sins.

The justified believer has therefore been in court and has been cleared true and true.

The above should fill the believer with massive Joy… Enjoy God and his Grace.

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