Scared Of The Prince Of Persia?

Scared Of The Prince Of Persia?

When some believers pray,…you hear words like:

‘…we come against every PRINCE OF PERSIA trying to hinder the answers to our prayers…in Jesus name’!

I can’t just stop laughing! A believer still praying against ‘PRINCE OF PERSIA’!!! Hmm….

Now listen carefully: there is no such thing as the ‘Prince of Persia’ hindering the prayers of Believers!!!

Not at all! (Now I guess you are ‘wowed’ by the statement above). When we fail to rightly divide the word of Truth, the devil works on our ignorance to access us. It is true that the Prince of Persia obstructed the answer to Daniel’s prayer in the Bible during his 21day fasting. (Dan 10:13)

Now listen carefully: Daniel was a man under LAW!!!

Hmm…. During the time of Daniel…Jesus had not yet died! You need to understand this so as to gain mastery over the devil during your prayers! There is NO PRINCE OF PERSIA anywhere in the sky holding your prayers! The day you became born again…the Bible revealed that God:

‘Has RAISED you up together with Christ, and made us sit together in HEAVENLY PLACES in Christ Jesus’! (Eph 2:6)

Hmm… Now listen carefully: when God raised you, He did not raise you to a point where your prayers could be hindered by any force in the atmosphere!!!

Do you want to know how high God raised you…just because you accepted Jesus as your Saviour? Hmm….

‘…raised…FAR ABOVE ALL PRINCIPALITY and POWER…and MIGHT…and DOMINION…and every NAME THAT IS NAMED…not only in this world…but also in that which is to come’! (Eph 1:20-21)

Wow! How dare you think there is a prince of Persia obstructing your prayer? Some believers even seal their prayers with the blood of Jesus so that no devil will ‘hijack’ it in the air!

Hear this: the only prince of Persia that can hinder your prayer is not found in the atmosphere! Hmm… He is in your MIND!

You may ask: but the Bible says;

‘The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds’! (2cor 10:4)

Hmm… This is why we must learn to always read Scriptures in context! The fact that the Bible says we are pulling down strong holds…does not mean that there is a prince of Persia in the atmosphere for us to pull down in other for our prayers to be answered! Read the next verse and you will see what this strong hold really is! Hmm….

‘…mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds…casting down IMAGINATIONS….’! (2cor 10:4-5)

Wow!!! That is the strong hold we are to PULL DOWN….IMAGINATIONS! It’s all about your mind!

Now listen carefully: there is no Prince of Persia in the atmosphere contending with the prayers of believers! This is because you have been raised FAR ABOVE principalities and powers simply by believing in Jesus!The war zone is no longer in the ATMOSPHERE!Hmm…The war zone is now in your MIND!!!That is where the devil deceives you to believe that he is still capable of obstructing your prayers because of your inability to fulfil the LAW!Hmm…

This was why Paul told us to put on the HELMET OF SALVATION!!! Helmet is for the protection of the ‘HEAD’ where the mind resides! Helmet of Salvation…is the helmet of perpetual consciousness that you have been SAVED!!! Hmm…. As long as you have this helmet on…the devil will always find it VERY difficult to deceive you concerning receiving answers from God! Hallelujah!

Listen: The Prince of Persia obstructed an angel bringing an answer to Daniel and Angel Michael had to come to the rescue.

Hmm… Note that in the old covenant, nobody ever prayed ‘in JESUS name’! But in the new covenant, Jesus said:

If ye ask anything IN MY NAME….I WILL DO IT! (John 14:14)

Wow! It is not Angel Michael that will do it! It is JESUS Himself that will DO IT!

Hear this: NO Prince of Persia can WITHSTAND the Presence of Jesus!

‘That at the NAME OF JESUS every knee should bow…’! (Phil 2:10)


Never forget: there is no prince of Persia in the atmosphere obstructing the prayers of believers!

The only strong hold to pull down is in your MIND! Therefore put on the HELMET OF SALVATION!


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