Should A Christian Listen To A Secular Love Song

Should A Christian Listen To A Secular Love Song

Is it wrong for a believer to sing secular love songs?

Answer: NO, it is not wrong!

Is it wrong for a believer to sing secular love songs that plainly encourage ‘immorality’?

Answer: YES, it is wrong!

In a clearer term:

The playlist of a believer’s phone should not have songs like: ‘…tile, make I nak u apako…’! But that does not mean a believer cannot sing: ‘…you are my African queen…’! There is nothing wrong with singing LOVE songs….but there is everything wrong when the song plainly encourages ‘immorality’! Hmm…

Conclusion: The Bible is not against believers singing secular songs.

In fact, you will have to remove the ‘SONG of Solomon’ from the Bible to prove that God does not want believers to sing love songs! The ‘Song of Solomon’ is a book that expresses the love Solomon had for a lady (believed by commentaries to be his first ‘crush’) which culminated into a wonderful marriage and the book can be divided into three sections: the courtship (1:1 – 3:5); the wedding (3:6 – 5:1); and the maturing marriage (5:2 – 8:14). When it comes to sensual pleasures gained by our human nature, there are 2 extremes that should be avoided by believers:

  • ASCETICISM: the denial of ALL pleasure. This states that a believer should not have ANY pleasure of any sort! It is a doctrine of RIGOROUS self-denial and extreme abstinence and austerity. Although some Christians practice this, the Bible never teaches such! (Col 2:20-22, 1Tim 4:1-5)
  • HEDONISM: the pursuit of ONLY pleasure. This states the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the HIGHEST good. It plainly dictates DEVOTION TO PLEASURE as a way of life! Universalists in their perishing error encourage this but The Bible is clearly against this too! (1Tim 5:6, Jude 1:4)

The Bible rather teaches that believers can enjoy pleasures within a godly context and be sensitive to avoid ‘excesses’. (Proverbs 5:18-20, Eph 5:18). Always remember that there is nothing inherently wrong with any particular style of music. IT IS THE LYRICS that determine whether a song is “acceptable” for a Christian to listen to. Simply let the lyrics of every song go through the sanctified interview of your ‘renewed mind in Christ’ before approving it. (Phil 4:8)

I hope this helps someone.


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