Tithe Is Not The Reason For Your Prosperity!

Tithe Is Not The Reason For Your Prosperity!

Recently, I was at a woman’s shop around 9pm and she was already closing for the day…yet people kept coming to the shop to buy things! Wow! ‘…What a level of favor she is enjoying from God…’, I thought. Hmm….

So I told her: ‘madam you are about closing for the day and yet people are still patronizing you!…you are really enjoying God’s favour…’! Then she replied: ‘Yes o….it is the payment of my ‘TITHE’ that is working for me’!!!

Ah!!!! That statement touched me on the wrong side! I replied: ‘you are speaking as a woman under Law’! It is NOT your tithe that produces your prosperity! I guess she was shocked by my reply!Hmm…

I re-emphasized: ‘Your TITHE does not bring your prosperity’! JESUS brought your prosperity!!!

Wow! Immediately she re-called her statement and corrected herself: ‘Yes…Jesus is the source of my prosperity’! Hmm….

Now listen carefully: two people went to a mountain to pray. One was a pharisee and the other a publican. The pharisee said:

‘God, I thank you that I am not as other men…even as this publican….I fast twice a week…I GIVE TITHES OF ALL THAT I POSSESS’! (Luke 18:10-12)

Ah! I have realized that many Christians don’t know the danger of presenting their ability to fulfil the Law as a reason for God to bless them! Hmm…. Let’s continue the story. Now it’s time to hear the prayer of the publican;

‘God, be merciful to me a sinner’! (Luke 18:13)

Wow! What was the difference between the prayer of the pharisee and that of the publican? One was demanding God’s favour based on his ability to fulfil the Law….while the other was demanding God’s favour based totally on GRACE! Hmm… No wonder the story ended thus:

‘…the publican went down to his house JUSTIFIED…while….the other was NOT JUSTIFIED’! (Luke 18:14)

Wow! Hear this: it is not wrong to pay tithes if you feel so! But it is wrong for you to think it is because you pay your tithe that God is blessing you!!!

That was ONLY TRUE IN THE OLD TESTAMENT! Hmm…. In fact, in the Old Testament, if you pay your tithe, and yet you break other Laws of God….you will still be CURSED!!! Hmm…

‘For whosoever shall keep the whole Law and yet offend in one point, he is GUILTY OF ALL’! (James 2:10)

Wow! I guess that is self-explanatory! Jesus said:

‘WOE (cursed) unto you Scribes and Pharisees….for ye pay TITHE….and have OMITTED the WEIGHTIER matters of the LAW…’! (Matt 23:23)

Wow! Did you see that? The fact that you pay tithe does not exempt you from the CURSE! There are still MANY other Laws in the Old Testament that are WEIGHTIER than TITHING!!! If you break any other Law….but you still pay tithe….then the CURSE is still gonna come! Can you now see why it is dangerous to live under Law? Hmm….

Now listen carefully: if you are a believer, you are NOT under any obligation to pay tithe!!! You had better believe this Gospel Truth now….or else the devil will soon ‘show you pepper’ because of your wrong believing!If you are thinking of Malachi 3:8-10….may I quickly tell you to read Malachi 4:4 in order for you to know that Malachi was not referring to a believer in Jesus!The Bible puts it clear that the day you became Born Again…you are no longer UNDER LAW but …you are now UNDER GRACE! (Romans 6:14)


Never forget: ‘Your TITHE is not the reason for your prosperity’! JESUS is the reason for your prosperity! (2Cor 8:9)


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