Understanding Hebrews 10:26-27

Understanding  Hebrews 10:26-27

Have you ever read Hebrews 10:26-27? Hmm…

‘For if we SIN WILFULLY after that we have received the knowledge of the Truth….there remaineth NO MORE sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful looking for JUDGMENT and fiery indignation, which shall devour the ADVERSARIES’! (Heb 10:26-27)

Wow! What a straight forward scripture! Hmm…Sometimes after I teach deeply on Grace, people somehow raise this verse…to ‘dilute’ the teaching of Grace….and make people believe that they can LOSE their salvation! Aba! You see, when we fail to read Scriptures in its actual context, but we feel we should give it our own interpretation…..the devil takes a ride over us and make us believe the finished work of Christ on the Cross is not enough to depend on for our salvation!

Now listen carefully: the ‘willful sin’ referred to in Hebrews 10:26-27… is not even to MORAL sins!!!

Oh oh! (Now I know many people will be ‘wowed’ to read that)! You see to really understand this verse…don’t just pick the verse out of its CONTEXT! The whole of Hebrews 10 is a contextual chapter in which the author was trying to CONVINCE the Hebrews to forsake ‘JUDAISM’ and their addiction to the LAW! Hmm….

The concept of ‘Judaism’ is characterized by an addiction to the Laws of Moses and the Old Testament rituals. They believe one must endeavour to fulfil all the Laws of the Old Testament in order to be accepted before God. They also do not believe that God can forgive future sins…but that all sins must be confessed and a sacrifice must be rendered in order to wipe away each of their sins!

Hmm…. The writer of Hebrews 10 was telling them to shun all these practices and embrace the Truth that Jesus Christ has brought eternal Salvation for anyone who believes in Him. To help our understanding, let us quickly run through Hebrews 10 so as to see what vs 26-27 really mean. Are you ready? Do well to pick your Bible and let’s dive in!

The chapter began by explaining that the Law is not the very image of things…but only a shadow….which is yet to reflect how PERFECT the finished work of Jesus is on the cross. (Vs 1)

The chapter continued by explaining that the offerings of bulls and goats rendered in the Old Testament could NOT make the people of the Old Testament perfectly forgiven! Hmm….it could only purge their PAST and PRESENT sins but could NOT purge their FUTURE sins!!! (Vs 2-4)

Hmm…I hope you are following closely, because I want to show you a mystery that would dissolve ALL the doubts in your heart concerning how much God forgave you the day you got born again…and if truly a believer can go to hell! Let’s move ahead.

The chapter continued by showing us that Jesus came into this world to DIE for us…because the old testament sacrifices could not perfectly please the heart of God! (Vs 5-8) Now, the Bible revealed that Jesus therefore came to take away the FIRST COVENANT of the LAW…that He may establish the SECOND COVENANT of Grace! (Vs 9)

Hmm….before we go ahead, may I ring a truth into your consciousness. Many people believe GRACE was given to help us FULFIL the LAW! What a FALLACY!

Now listen carefully: Grace did not come to help you fulfil the Law! No! Grace REPLACED the Law! It is a different covenant ENTIRELY!!!Jesus came down from heaven….to take away the FIRST COVENANT of the LAW…that He may establish the SECOND COVENANT of Grace! (Vs 9)Hallelujah! Let’s move on!

The next verse made a STRIKING statement which many teachers of the WORD today do not talk about on the altar at all!Hmm….

‘….we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ…ONCE FOR ALL’! (vs 10)

Wow! Did you see that?! The writer of this chapter was telling the Hebrews that they no longer need to be under the covenant of the Law to become righteous! The day you became BORN AGAIN….Jesus became your ETERNAL sacrifice….and you were sanctified before God…ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! Hmm… Let’s go on!

Remember, we are looking at this chapter ‘in context’ because we want to understand what the WILFUL SIN mentioned in vs 26-27 really means. The chapter continued by explaining that the priests of the Old Testament were always STANDING daily…offering sacrifices that could never TAKE AWAY sins. (vs 11) But the next verse explained that after Jesus offered His body for us….He SAT DOWN at the right hand of God! (vs 12). Hmm…

The priests STANDS daily…but Jesus SAT DOWN!  Do you know what that means? It simply means…if you are a BELIEVER…then ALL your sins have been PERFECTLY forgiven: past, present and FUTURE!!!

The priests ‘standeth’ daily offering sacrifices that can NEVER TAKE AWAY sin!!!

That’s what vs 11 literally says! But Jesus sat down as a proof that His one-time sacrifice on the cross has CLEANSED you PERFECTLY!!! Hallelujah!

Let me ask you a question: are you under the ‘STANDING’ ministry of the Old Testament priests…or under the ‘SITTING’ ministry of JESUS??? (Your answer to the above question will tell what you really believe concerning your ETERNAL salvation)!Hmm…If you still have doubts, then read the next 2 verses:

‘For by ONE OFFERING…he hath PERFECTED forever them that are sanctified’! (vs 14).

Hmm…I really wonder why verses like these are not taught in many of our churches on Sundays! Instead, we bombard people with the LAW…and tell believers that there is no such thing as eternal salvation! Let’s go on!

Now the chapter continued by telling us that the Holy Ghost is our WITNESS to let us know that the day we became born again, God established a NEW covenant with us in which OUR SINS AND INIQUITIES, God will remember NO MORE! (vs 15-17). I hope you are seeing all these in the Bible! I am not framing up words! Hmm…

The chapter continued by telling the Hebrews to draw near with a true heart in FULL ASSURANCE OF FAITH…! (vs 22). That is they should stop having DOUBTS about the finished work of Jesus which has already made them perfect before God forever!

The chapter continued by telling the Hebrews not to FORSAKE the assembling together of themselves in church….which is a proof that they no longer practice Judaism and temple sacrifice….but they should keep exhorting themselves in the Truth of the finished work of Christ for them. (vs 25).

Now, this was what led to vs 26 which many believers quote erroneously:

‘For if we sin wilfully (that is, if we return back to judaism or the practices of the law) after that we have received the KNOWLEDGE of the Truth (the truth that Jesus has already paid the price for our redemption)……there remaineth NO MORE sacrifice for sin (since you have rejected the only one sacrifice God provided)….but a certain fearful looking for judgment and fiery indignation…’! (vs 26-27).

Hmm…. Can you now see what that verse really means?  In fact, vs 29 explained what this willful sin is! It refers to 3 major acts:

1) It means to ‘trample under foot, the son of God’! This means to reject outrightly the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross of Calvary!

2) It means to ‘count the blood of the covenant, AN UNHOLY THING’! Hmm….this means you believe the sacrifice of bulls and goats of the old covenant is MORE holy than the blood of Jesus!

3) It means to ‘insult the Spirit of GRACE’!

Hmm…This means you are saying God does not need to make an eternal provision for your sins: but that your personal works and sacrifices are enough to bring your salvation!

Hmm…all these 3 implications listed above are found in vs 29.

I hope you can now see what this willful sin is all about?

In conclusion: let me show you a verse in Hebrews chapter 9 (which is the chapter before chapter 10 which we just studied) and settle your doubt concerning your eternal security! Hmm…

‘…by His own BLOOD, Jesus entered ONCE into the holy place, having obtained ETERNAL REDEMPTION for us!!! (Hebrews 9:12)

Aba! What kind of ‘redemption’ did Jesus obtain for you? (If you still find it hard to answer the question above…then you are passionately under LAW)!!!

Do not allow any devil confuse you about the eternal salvation that Jesus brought for you on the cross with His precious blood! The more you meditate on how righteous you are by the sacrifice of Jesus…and not by your efforts, …..the more you will be empowered to live above sin in your life! (Rom 8:1-2).


Never forget: ‘for by one offering HE hath PERFECTED FOREVER (how long?) them that are sanctified’! (Heb 10:14)

That is what the Bible says! Therefore, keep living in the FULL ASSURANCE OF FAITH!


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