Work Out Your Salvation…!

Work Out Your Salvation…!

Some people ask this question: If it is true that I cannot lose my salvation, why then does the Bible say I should ‘…work out my salvation with fear and trembling…’!!! (Phil 2:12)

Hmm… This question has made many believers fall for the deception of the devil to make them feel that they are to fulfil the ‘Law’ in order to make it to heaven! Wow! You see, the Bible is VERY clear about the issue of a believer’s salvation.

Listen carefully: …there is no such thing as …’you can lose your salvation’!!! Salvation can NEVER be gotten ‘twice’! Salvation is scripturally described as ‘ONCE AND FOR ALL’! (Heb 10:10, 14, 5:9, Rom 6:10-11).

Hear this: you are either ‘ONCE’ saved…or…you were ‘NEVER’ saved! You cannot be in the middle!

‘If any man BE in Christ…he is a NEW creature….OLD THINGS ARE PASSED AWAY…BEHOLD…ALL THINGS ARE BECOME NEW’!!! (2Cor 5:17)

Hmm… Now listen carefully: when the Bible says Old things are passed away,… it was not referring to WHAT A BELIEVER DOES! It is referring to WHO THE BELIEVER WAS! Hmm…

I really hope you can understand this! The Bible was not referring to a ‘BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION’! It is referring to a ‘LIFE TRANSFORMATION’! Your nature changed ‘permanently’ the day you became born again!

Let me ask you a question: ‘can your mother give birth to you twice’? Hmm….The same way you cannot be born into this world ‘twice’…that is the same way you cannot be born again TWICE!Some people who are ALREADY saved always come out for altar call whenever they feel they have sinned…so as to renew their salvation!!! Lol…!

Listen carefully: the day you became born again…what God gave you is called…ETERNAL LIFE! Hmm….

‘…that whosoever BELIEVES in Him should not perish but have ETERNAL LIFE’! (John 3:16)

Let me ask you another question: ‘how long is ‘ETERNAL LIFE’?

Hmm… I’m getting too excited to teach more on the eternal security of a believer. Now let us get back to where we started from on the explanation of ‘work out your salvation…’!

Hear this: the Bible never said…..WORK FOR your salvation!!! You can never WORK FOR your salvation! (Eph 2:8-9).What the Bible said is …WORK OUT your salvation…not…WORK FOR your salvation!Hmm…

There is a big difference between ‘WORK OUT’ your salvation and ‘WORK FOR’ your salvation! Work FOR your salvation means your salvation is imputed based on your effort! Work OUT your salvation means your salvation has already been ‘worked IN’ you!

Hmm… Listen: you cannot work OUT what God has not worked IN! Do you understand this?Hmm…. You see, don’t just read Philippians 2:12 without going further to read Philippians 2:13.Learn to study scriptures in context!

Phil 2:12 says…work OUT your salvation…

Phil 2:13 says…it is God that works IN you…!!!

Hmm…. I’m sure you now understand. It is already IN you….and you are to work it out!  It is like Jesus first saying in matt 5:14….’Ye are the LIGHT of the world’! Now in Matt 5:16 (just 2 verses away), Jesus said…’LET your light so shine before MEN!!!

Hmm…. In other words, WORK OUT your salvation before MEN!  You must first agree that you ARE the light of the world…before you can let it shine before men!

Under Law: you work for your salvation!

Under Grace: you work out your salvation!

I guess the question has been Graciously answered now!  Hallelujah!

Never forget: the Bible never said…WORK FOR your salvation!!! You can never WORK FOR your salvation! (Eph 2:8-9). What the Bible said is …WORK OUT your salvation!

Therefore go forth and ‘MANIFEST’ your salvation….for it is God that works IN you both to DO and to WILL of His good pleasure! (Phil 2:12-13)


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