You Are Accepted In The Beloved!

You Are Accepted In The Beloved!

There is something I love to share with you about how God deals with a believer under GRACE! In Matthew 3, after Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist,…God spoke from heaven and said:

‘This is my BELOVED Son, in whom I am well pleased’! (Matt 3:17)

Hmm….guess what??? As at this time, Jesus had NOT done any miracle yet!!! Jesus had not done any ‘special’ thing yet that warrants God calling Him…….my BELOVED son!!! In fact, what marvels me most is that the 3 temptations of Satan which Jesus overcame in the wilderness was AFTER God had declared Him as His…..BELOVED son!!!

God declared Jesus as His BELOVED son in ‘Matthew Chapter 3’… While Jesus overcame the devil’s temptations in ‘Matthew Chapter 4’!!! Hmm…. Many people believe they must overcome temptations first…before God can declare them as His ‘Beloved’!!! No!

Under Law: you are God’s beloved…BECAUSE… you obey His commandments!

Under Grace: you are God’s beloved …BEFORE… you obey God’s commandments!

If you are a Believer, God is not declaring you ‘righteous’ or as His ‘Beloved’…based on what you DO! God has ALREADY declared you as His BELOVED even before you overcome ANY temptation!!! See what the Bible says:

‘For God commended His LOVE towards US,…in that WHILE WE WERE YET SINNERS…Christ died for us’! (Romans 5:8)

Hmm… I love this verse a lot!!! It is WHILE…we were YET sinners…that God commended His LOVE towards us!!! (How I wish you understand what I just wrote)!

Now listen carefully: God does not declare you BLESSED because of what you have DONE! God declares you BLESSED before you do ANYTHING!!!

Go with the consciousness that YOU ARE GOD’s BELOVED!!!

Listen: when you believe that you are GOD’s beloved….you will EFFORTLESSLY overcome ALL the temptations and challenges that might come your way!

Hear this: what the devil does is to make you FORGET that you are ALREADY GOD’s BELOVED!!!

Oh! If you can understand what I just wrote above, you will ALWAYS overcome ANY temptation the devil brings your way AT ANY TIME! Hmm… In Matt 3, God said to Jesus: ‘This is my …BELOVED SON…’ (Matt 3:17) Take note of the word ‘beloved’! But…when the devil tempted Jesus in the next chapter, he removed one vital word!

‘If thou be the _____ SON of God, turn this stone to bread’! (Matt 4:3)

Hmm…. That is the devil’s strategy!!! He has removed the word, ‘BELOVED’! He wants you to FORGET that God ALREADY loves you BEFORE you face that temptation! He wants you to ‘turn a stone to bread’….(Do something)….in order for you to convince yourself that God loves you!!! That was why the devil said: ‘if thou be…then…turn this stone…’! The devil wanted Jesus to ‘do something’ to convince Himself that He is God’s Son!

No wonder Jesus referred the devil back to what God had ALREADY said about Him!

‘Jesus answered and said; man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY WORD (rhema) that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord’! (Matt 4:4)

Wow! Jesus referred the devil to the ‘rhema’ word….that is…..the ‘NOW’ word that proceedeth out of God’s mouth! What was the ‘NOW’ word that God just spoke to Jesus?

‘This is my BELOVED son..’!!! (Matt 3:17)


Hear this: one thing the devil will NEVER do…. is to REMIND you that you are God’s Beloved!

At the face of any temptation or challenge,….IT IS COUNTER PRODUCTIVE FOR THE DEVIL TO REMIND YOU THAT YOU ARE GOD’s BELOVED!!! Therefore, stay ‘ever-conscious’ in the Truth that you are GOD’s Beloved!

Never forget that through: ‘…the glory of His GRACE,…you have been ACCEPTED IN THE BELOVED’! (Eph 1:6).

Shout it Loud: ‘I AM GOD’s BELOVED’!!!



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