Pictures Of Christ In The Old Testament – Part 1

Pictures Of Christ In The Old Testament – Part 1

Did you remember the story of the 2 disciples walking down the Emmaus Road on the day Jesus resurrected? Hmm…

‘…Now behold, two of them were traveling that same day to a village called EMMAUS, which was seven miles from Jerusalem…’ (Luke 24:13)

These 2 guys were trekking a long distance (7miles), thoroughly depressed about the news they heard that Jesus who they thought would immediately redeem Israel, was ‘killed’ 3 days ago — but now His body was not found in the tomb! While they were trekking, Jesus appeared to them ‘as a stranger’ (so that they couldn’t recognize Him)….and He joined their discussion and ‘discovered’ that their depression would be dissolved if they could SEE Him! Hmm…

Now there are 2 options Jesus could use to bring these 2 guys out of their miseries!

1) Tt was either He showed Himself to them as JESUS physically while they were trekking…. or

2) He will show Himself to them through another medium!

Oh…I love the option Jesus chose! Hmm…

‘…And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the SCRIPTURES the things CONCERNING HIMSELF.’ (Luke 24:27)

Wow! This is so comforting for we Christians today! When we are faced with challenges in life, we tend to think… ‘…if only I lived during the Bible days…I would have touched the Hem of Jesus’ garment too…and be healed of this disease…’ (Mark 5:27-29) ‘…if only I can see Jesus…I would have given Him this my last ‘meal of 5loaves and 2 fishes’ and I won’t have to go hungry…because He will definitely multiply them’! (John 6:9-14) ‘…if only I can see Jesus…He would speak Peace to this raging ‘storm’ in my marriage…’ (Matt 8:23-27) ‘…I would have passed my UTME exams…if only I can see Jesus…because I would have joined those children He laid His hands on…and I’ll be sure of supernatural mental prowess…’ (Mark 10:13-16)

Hmm… I have good news for you!!! You don’t have to see Jesus physically to have your situation turned around! There is another option to seeing Jesus actively in your challenges!

‘…And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the SCRIPTURES the things CONCERNING HIMSELF.’ (Luke 24:27)

Can you now see how comforting this is for any believer today…that Jesus did not choose the first option of showing Himself physically but He chose the second option of ‘revealing Himself from Scriptures’? Hmm… Remember, the disciples were heavily depressed and needed a ‘divine intervention’ too!

Now the question is this: Were they healed by the revelation of Jesus in the Scriptures?Check this out:

‘ …And they said to one another, “Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?”’ (Luke 24:32)

Wow! The revelation of Jesus in the Scriptures stirred up the Healing virtue of God in them and healed them’! They were so blessed by this revelation…that they trekked back that same hour to Jerusalem (now 14miles trek) to share the good news! (vs 33) Hmm… I love the verse that says:

‘ …and BEGINNING AT MOSES AND ALL THE PROPHETS (this means the Old Testament), JESUS expounded to them in all the SCRIPTURES the things CONCERNING HIMSELF.’ (Luke 24:27)

The Old Testament is so full of Pictures of Jesus! This revelation of Jesus can turn any situation of your life around! Unfortunately, many believers today don’t see JESUS when they read the Old Testament! All they see is the LAW! No wonder, many believers are struggling today with addictions, sicknesses and heavy depression! The answer is in a Revelation of Jesus! The Psalmist once prayed:

‘Open my eyes, that I may see WONDROUS THINGS from Your law.’ (Psalm 119:18)

These ‘wondrous things’ are simply the revelation of Jesus and His finished work for us! Hallelujah! Would you want to see some ‘wondrous’ revelation of Jesus in the Scriptures? Hmm…

Therefore, join me in the upcoming posts as we explore together revelations of Jesus in the Old Testament which are fully capable of turning your depression to celebration! I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss this life-transforming journey into the world of GRACE!

Glory to Jesus! Stay tuned!


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