Review of Luke 14

Review of Luke 14

by Pastor Ayo Sparks

Another fabulous day reading another Gospel filled chapter… I hope we know that all of the Bible permeates the Gospel and that Gospel is of Grace – the Love, Mercy, Kindness, Favour and Faithfulness of our Daddy God. Beginning from Genesis to Revelation, Abba is displayed clearly. It only took one misinterpretation to veil of eyes. God be praised that veil is taken away… Glory to God! The veil is off my face. I can see clearly now! I behold the glory of God, I become like him! Alleluia!

35 verses of subtle yet deep revelations about the Kingdom of God… Let me begin by saying this: The Kingdom of God is never about a place but a space based on a plan. That plan is God’s Salvation. So, whenever we read “Kingdom of God” we are reading about our own current reality.

We read in chapter 10:24 | I tell you, many prophets and kings longed to see what you see, but they didn’t see it. And they longed to hear what you hear, but they didn’t hear it.”

As you read the phrase Kingdom of God, substitute the phrase “God’s Salvation” … This same goes for whenever you read Jesus’ Parables too. His parables are hints to display what God’s Salvation plan is.

So,  from yesterday’s passage, we see the parable of the Mustard seed and the yeast… The Kingdom of God [The Salvation of God]… It is like a mustard seed… Planted IN HIS GARDEN… Grew… AND THE BIRDS OF THE AIR NESTED IN ITS BRANCHES.

Salvation available for all. Today as believers, we are rested and nested therein. Same with the yeast… begins in a small quantity but the purpose is that many draw and benefit from it. That is why the question that was asked after that parable by someone was “Lord are there just a few that will be saved?” Jesus said “strive to enter through the. narrow door…” Who is the door? Jesus!

Hallelujah! We are not just in the Kingdom, the Kingdom is within us! WE ARE SAVED!


His teaching on Humility can pass to be in two forms.

1. A teaching about the Kingdom that is God’s Salvation plan

2. A teaching of virtue for human living.

Somehow, we have relegated this teaching to be humility as a good human virtue but much more than that, Jesus was teaching the unrepentant Jews about God’s Salvation plan through Him as Savior. Don’t forget, He spoke to them again in a Parable…

The Jews have always thought that they are the custodians of the Kingdom because they are Abraham’s children. They carry themselves with pride and dignity picking out places of honor at the table… KJV used the phrase “Chief rooms”. Jesus then says don’t do that… What if someone more distinguished than you comes around, you will be relegated … Anyone who exalts himself will be relegated, the one who humbles himself will be exalted.


• Who’s inviting?

• What then would it mean to Humble yourself?

• Who are those who are more distinguished?


• God is always inviting.

• Since Jesus is teaching Kingdom, to humble oneself is to take hold of God’s provision for salvation.

• The more distinguished would be those who have received worth in the eyes of the invitee not thinking of themselves more highly than they ought.

The Jews went on plainly and blatantly rejecting God’s salvation plan and so were relegated, the gentiles then were able to enter, having access to the Chief Room.

Glory to God! My worth is in the Father.

Say with me:

I am exalted by the Father to the place of honor…

I am saved by Grace to Enjoy the Resource of Heaven…

I refuse to struggle for God’s acceptance, i choose to Rest…

My worth is in the Father…

Thank you Lord Jesus!


Can you imagine this Evangelism strategy? COME, EVERYTHING IS NOW READY! God is saying, I am not asking you to fast 40 days for power… Everything is now ready! I am not asking you pay 10% for gate fee in heavenly blessings… Everything is now ready! I am not asking you to even wash yourself clean by yourself before you enjoy Sainthood… Everything is now ready! When everything is ready, what else could you ever desire? Land? Money? Wife? Those things are now ready, fully paid for… Readily available. Everything is now ready!

I like verse 22…  In Yoruba… Streets version… “E oti poto e lo posi wa” There is still room.

Do you think you can exhaust God? Your dreams and desires aren’t enough to fill up what God has prepared for you in Salvation. There is still room! He has given you all things that pertains to life and godliness and there is still room!

Thank you Father!  Everything is Ready NOW!!! There is need for us to go “gaga” in propagating the gospel, Salvation is for all! There’s room for the whole world to enjoy God’s Righteousness, His Peace and Joy… That’s the kingdom of God! All wrapped up in Salvation.

What are we gonna do with the rooms left unoccupied? WE TAKE THE GOSPEL OF GRACE ALL OVER THE GLOBE… That the knowledge of God will fill the earth like the waters cover the sea. Amen!


In simple terms… Jesus is saying “This one that you guys are following me like this, this doesn’t justify for discipleship. That you are following doesn’t mean that you have accepted me. To truly follow me, everything that is priority to you now must loose its value. Your Family? Your resources? Your prestige? Your acceptance in the society? I should take first place in your life. I should be your only value because infact, it is only in me that you can find value.”

Jesus talked about hating your relatives and choosing Him only. Jesus talked about carrying the cross… In ancient Palestine, carrying the cross is a picture of rejection and shame. So Jesus is saying you should be ready to be rejected and publicly shamed because of him. Jesus talked a king giving up his honor for peace’s sake…

Then he capped it up with Salt. Did you not wonder what salt had to do with all these talk? It is actually impossible for salt to lose its saltiness (Chemists can explain all that). In other words, like he said Matthew… we a are light and salt of the earth because He is the light and salt of earth. It is in Him we have a value. Outside Him, we are useless and valueless. Our life in Him, we shine because He shines…

Our Worth is in Him! He that has ears, let Him hear! Praise God!

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