Which Covenant Do You Subscribe To?

Which Covenant Do You Subscribe To?

Many of us sing this song: ‘Covenant Keeping God…there is no one like you….Alpha, Omega….there is no one like you’…

Funnily, most people who sing this song have no idea at all of what they are singing about!

Now listen carefully: YOU DON’T HAVE A COVENANT WITH GOD!

Hmm… I guess that was a ‘shock’ to you! There are 2 kinds of covenants:

1) The Old Covenant

2) The New Covenant

The Old Covenant is a covenant where man relates with God based on the ability of man to obey God’s commandments.

‘…if thou shall hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God,…to OBSERVE and to DO ALL HIS COMMANDMENTS which I command thee this day….’ (Deut 28:1)

Under the Old Covenant, when you do good, you get good! But when you do bad, you get beaten! But there was a challenge with this Old covenant! Hmm….

‘For whosoever shall keep the WHOLE LAW, and yet OFFEND IN ONE POINT, he is GUILTY OF ALL’! (James 2:10)

If you break one LAW, you are considered to have broken ALL the LAW! Hence, your special ‘cane’ has been prepared for you!

‘For as many as are of the works of the LAW (the Old Covenant), are under the CURSE: for it is written, CURSED IS EVERYONE that CONTINUETH NOT in ALL THINGS which are written in the book of the LAW to DO them’! (Gal 3:10)

This was a BIG PROBLEM O! Here is the Scriptural mathematics for the Old Covenant!

99% Obedience = 100% Disobedience! (James 2:10)


100% Disobedience = 100% Curse! (Gal 3:10, Deut 28:15)


99% Obedience = 100% Curse!

What a Covenant! Would you want to be under this Covenant? Where no matter how you have tried to fulfil all the LAW, if you break one Law, you have broken all the LAW?

You paid your TITHE… but you did not help the needy in your family and around you…. Hmm…the curse is coming! (Matt 23:23)

You got married… but you did not stay at home for one year before going to work… Hmm…the curse is coming! (Deut 24:5)

You did not FORNICATE… but when that ‘babe’ passed by… you were in ‘fantasy’ world for only 10seconds… Hmm…the curse is coming! (Matt 5:28)

You claim to love your neighbours…. but your prayer points are ‘always’ in this format…MY FATHER MY FATHER, anybody that is thinking evil against me… DIE BY THUNDER’!…. Hmm….the curse is coming! (Matt 5:43-48)

You FAST twice a week… but you ‘think’ those who don’t FAST like you cannot be ’empowered’ like you… Hmm… the curse is coming! (Luke 18:10-14)

The list goes on! I guess by now you are seeing reasons why it is ‘dangerous’ for you to stay under the Old Covenant!

Listen: I am NOT the one who is finding faults with the OLD COVENANT! Read your Bible and you will see that your Loving Father was the One who found fault with the Old Covenant!

‘For if the FIRST COVENANT had been FAULTLESS….then should NO PLACE have been sought for the SECOND’! (Heb 8:7)

Oh…oh! So, there is a SECOND COVENANT!!! Hmm… Most of the people who sing the song: ‘Covenant keeping God…there is no one like you…’ Many of them have no idea of what this SECOND COVENANT entails!They are singing about the FIRST COVENANT which was a covenant between MAN and GOD!You do your part if God must do His part!Ah!

If you have been under this ‘kind of Covenant’ with God….RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! The Second Covenant is NOT between Man and God….at all!!! I have learnt to sing that song with a renewed mindset of the SECOND COVENANT! Wow! I can tell you it brings health to your body, Peace to your soul and Life to your spirit! Hmm….

By now, I can sense that you are already ‘desperate’ to learn about the details of the SECOND COVENANT! If so listen to these sermons from one of our conferences tagged: A NEW COVENANT.

Never forget: under the First Covenant…

99% Obedience = 100% Disobedience! (James 2:10)


100% Disobedience = 100% Curse! (Gal 3:10, Deut 28:15)


99% Obedience = 100% Curse!

So, Switch swiftly to the SECOND COVENANT!


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